Technology Platform

B&W Tek has been in the laser business since 1997, during which we have manufactured tens of thousands of systems for a diverse and growing list of applications. At the core of this success is the BWF family of laser products. A strong family is based on solid foundations. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of light generation and delivery. Specifically Diode Pumped Solid State, direct Diode, Fiber Laser and gas based lasers. Our fully vertical capability can take a product from concept to design to prototype to production and ultimately deployment. Wavelengths available for BWF products range from the UV through the infrared (375 nm out to 2 microns). In a typical research environment, it is common to start with BWF1 or BWF2 when simplicity and flexibility are key. Once the parameters and intent for operation are nailed down you can move to a customized BWF5 solution made for the end user or a totally customized device.


BWF-OEM-HHL was developed to address the need for power and portability. This Handheld Laser (HHL) is small, light and battery powered. GUI controlled via an integrated touch screen with a standard SMA-905 connector this laser can go to the field far from any wall plug. The small form factor makes transporting HHL easy and useful run times can be extended with spare batteries. This Class IV laser can be configured at any common diode wavelength with power as high as 8 watts. HHL excels where access is limited by space available or lack of modern resources. Charge the battery, disconnect and turn it on! HHL is customizable to your application and will be built to comply with safety requirements set by FDA and EN/IEC

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• The BWF5 is a laser platform that can be adapted for many solutions using both Direct Diode and DPSS lasing engines. Variants are designed and built in our own vertically integrated operation. System design, industrial design, electronic design and more are all in house with no outside services required. You can use our standard enclosure or choose to define a modified device based on the BWF family with design, appearance and performance built to order. We will mesh our skills with the customers to fill any gaps and create a capable team. Production is performed by our own team to the strictest standards required for a laser product. This means we can focus without compromise on a system optimized for its application. Our BWF5 lasers are all Class IV high power lasers meeting the requirements for safe operation set by both FDA and EN/IEC.

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• The Applied Part makes contact with the patient to deliver the treatment indicated. It is a key element in the total system design. We can design and supply a reusable hand piece or a disposable single use component.






Let us become part of your team. We have produced thousands of systems deployed around the world for the medical and veterinary communities. Let B&W Tek become your ultimate solution provider for lasers and biophotonic applications of light. Click here to request more information.