Case Studies

In the 20 plus years B&W Tek has been in business, we have worked with many different customers with a variety of goals. We know many of our customers are not and do not have laser experts, which is why they come to us. We work with our customers to fill the gaps in their own capabilities and augment their strengths. Of course, confidentially is a vital element in our business relationships, and for that reason, while we can provide some examples, the customers shall remain anonymous.

Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser for Equine PBM Therapy

Our customer had an existing DPSS laser product that put out a several kilowatt laser pulse. It was a critical product goal to shrink and lighten the laser for field deployment. The original version had three modules with a combined weight of over 400 pounds needing many amps at 220 volts to operate. We were able to reduce the size to one large suitcase with a weight of 65 pounds running on 115 volt service. Another critical goal for this project was to work with the customer’s in house software team to integrate their computer and software with the laser engine we designed and built to significantly improve the system’s overall usability. In the end, they went from having a product that was too large and power hungry to one that that can easily be carried to the field and has preprogrammed treatments to improve the total quality of care.


Laser for Photodynamic Therapy

Our customer manufactures a drug that has a desirable clinical outcome when exposed to light of a particular wavelength. They needed a partner to design and supply a custom laser solution optimized for use in a surgical environment. This would require full compliance with all the IEC/EN standards for a human-use medical device. We made the lasers but also worked as the laser expert through the regulatory process which ultimately led to full medical CE marking for a device consisting of the drug, applied part, and laser module.


Laser for Brain Surgery

Brain cancer is a serious illness without a lot of options for treatment, making the mortality rate especially high. The customer was in early research for a Class III medical device to treat tumors directly while imaging in an MRI system. This meant not only developing the technology but going through the FDA/PMA approval process before performing the required clinical study. We made the laser and assisted when needed for the regulatory process. This medical device and treatment was ultimately a success and is now being sold by one of the largest medical device companies.


Laser Therapy
A new business was formed to explore the market for laser therapy devices. An initial generation based on the BWF5 chassis was developed and entered into the market with great success. Next generation devices followed with features like battery power, treatment animations for training and a new intuitive way to set treatment conditions by answering a few simple questions, removing the need for dials, knobs or settings to remember. The business progressed to the point where this customer ultimately took over all production in a facility setup by contract with B&W Tek.


Soft Tissue Dentistry
The customer identified laser based soft tissue dentistry as a business opportunity but needed an industrial partner. They wanted this partner to provide all the hardware and laser fibers with customized fiber spools capable of repeated steam sterilization. B&W Tek was hired to fill this requirement. After great success with an initial system, a second generation product was requested. The next generation device was 1/3rd the size but more capable than the Gen 1 device, and it came with full touch screen control and various language settings. The business evolved into a successful partnership.


Novel Research
The customer wanted to know if a laser could be used to stimulate a response from Drosophila larvae. A working meeting was held to expose some of these animals to laser radiation at specific wavelengths. Upon successfully demonstrating an effect, a project commenced where 4 BWF5 lasers with custom optics were combined to produce a uniform 50 mm energy field. These lasers were integrated into a system capable of monitoring the fly larvae when exposed to different stimuli.

The BWF5 has also been used by a number of researchers seeking cures for cancer with Photodynamic Therapy, Photothermal Therapy and Photoimmunotherapy.

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