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Examples of Our Work:

1. Field-Deployable DPSS Laser:

    • Challenge: A customer needed to shrink and lighten a Diode Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) laser for field deployment.
    • Solution: Reduced the size from 3 heavy modules (over 400lbs/181kgs) to one large suitcase (65lbs/29kgs), running on 115-volt service.
    • Outcome: Integrated with the customer’s software for improved usability, making it portable and more efficient for field use.


2. Custom Surgical Laser for Drug Activation:

    • Challenge: A customer needed a laser solution to activate a drug during surgery, compliant with IEC/EN standards.
    • Solution: Designed and supplied a custom laser, and supported the regulatory process.
    • Outcome: Achieved full medical CE marking for the device, which includes the drug, applied part, and laser module.


3. Laser for Treating Brain Cancer:

    • Challenge: Develop a medical laser component for tumor treatment compatible with MRI systems.
    • Solution: Created the laser and provided regulatory assistance.
    • Outcome: Successful product supported through many years of commercial deployment.

4. Laser Therapy Devices:

    • Challenge: A new business needed a laser therapy device for veterinary and rehabilitation applications.
    • Solution: Developed initial and next-generation devices, featuring battery power, treatment animations, and an intuitive user interface.
    • Outcome: The customer eventually taking over production, at a facility set up by BWtek Medical.


5. Laser-Based Soft Tissue Dentistry:

    • Challenge: Identify and develop a business opportunity in laser-based dentistry.
    • Solution: Provided hardware and customized laser fibers capable of repeated steam sterilization. Developed a smaller, second-generation device with enhanced capabilities.
    • Outcome: The project led to a successful partnership supplying advanced dental laser products.


6. Veterinary Laser for Surgery (DiodeVet):


    • Challenge: Develop a safe and affordable laser for veterinary surgery.
    • Solution: Designed and produced a small, portable, and easy-to-use laser suitable for a variety of surgery applications. 
    • Outcome: DiodeVet, a laser that has sold successfully for over 10 years.