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Trusted Laser Experts Since 1997

BWtek Medical has been a leader in laser technology for over two decades, crafting 10,000+ systems for various applications. 

We can create Diode Pumped Solid State, Direct Diode, Fiber Laser, and gas-based lasers. We offer end-to-end solutions, from concept to deployment, with wavelengths ranging from UV to infrared.

BWtek Medical can develop lasers in the following form factors: 

“Cart” Laser System

Developed with both functionality and mobility in mind, the compact and ergonomic ‘Cart’ laser system ensures easy integration into any medical environment, providing flexibility without compromising performance. 

The intuitive interface and user-friendly controls allow for precise adjustments and settings, making it easy for practitioners to operate. The robust build quality ensures durability and reliability. 

“Suitcase” Laser System

Designed for maximum portability without sacrificing functionality, these compact lightweight systems are perfect for practitioners who operate in the field, remote clinics, or spaces where traditional setups are impractical. 

Despite their compact size, these systems deliver high performance and the rugged construction ensures durability under any circumstances.

Portable Laser Platform

The BWF5 is a laser platform that can be adapted for many solutions using both Direct Diode and DPSS lasing engines. You can use our standard enclosure or choose to define a modified device based on the BWF family with design, appearance, and performance build to order. Production is performed by our team with the strictest standards required fore a laser product. Our BWF5 lasers are all Class IV high power lasers meeting the requirements for safe operation set by both the FDA and EN/IEC.

Click here to learn more about specifications.

Low-Power Handheld Devices

Our handheld laser is small, light, and battery powered. GUI controlled via an integrated touch screen with a standard SMA-905 connector, this laser can go to the field far from any wall socket. The small form factor makes transporting it easy and run times can be extended with spare batteries. This Class IV laser can be configured at any common diode wavelength with a power as high as 8 Watts. The handheld units can be customizable to your application and will be build to comply with safety requirements set by the both the FDA and EN/IEC. 

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Accessories (Single-Use and Disposable Components)

Engineered with precision and advanced materials, our single-use and disposable components ensure reliability, safety, and convenience. Sterilized for assurance and designed for ease of use, they seamlessly integrate with our systems. Our cost-effective solutions eliminate the need for reprocessing, reducing healthcare costs while maintaining optimal patient care standards. All of our components meet the requirements for safe operation set by both the FDA and EN/IEC.


BWtek Medical also has the expertise to create light-emitting wearable technology that is designed to deliver target treatment while allowing the patient to remain mobile and comfortable.

Plasma and Sound-Based Devices

Our plasma-based devices harness ionized gas and can be developed to promote healing, sterilization, and tissue regeneration. This technology is effective in wound care, dermatology, and surgical applications, offering minimally invasive solutions with rapid recovery times. 

Our sound-based devices can be used to treat a range of conditions such as pain management and cosmetic procedures.