Need to return an item to B&W Tek?

1. First, apply for an RMA number.  Please fill out the form below.

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    2. Fill in the online RMA Request Form.

    3. A representative from the Returns Department will contact you within 24 hours or the next business day.

    4. If you receive an RMA form, complete the sections required by the customer.

    5. Attach the RMA form and any test results data you have to the item you are returning.

    6. Package the items according to the Packaging Instructions below.

    7. Make sure the RMA form and any attached documents are in the shipping carton with the items you are returning.

    8. Seal the carton.

    9. Write the RMA number on the outside of the carton or include it on the shipping label.
    Important! – Without an RMA number on the outside of the carton it may be returned to you without processing.

    10. Label and ship to:

    B&W Tek, Inc. RMA (XXXXXXXXX)
    18 Shea Way, Suite 103
    Newark, DE 19713

    11.┬áRMA transportation and insurance fees will be paid by the customer. This is our policy and is noted in our “Terms and Conditions” under the “Warranty Terms and Conditions.”

    “Products believed by purchaser to be defective shall be returned to B&W TEK transportation and insurance prepaid by purchaser.”

    Packaging Instructions

    1. Pack the items you are returning in the original packaging material.

    2. If the original packaging material is not available, please follow the guidelines below:

    • Insert or wrap and protect all ESD sensitive components separately in either static dissipative or static shielded packaging materials.
    • Wrap each item separately. Fragile components need adequate cushioning from each other and the sides of the box.
    • Use enough cushioning material inside the box, and around each item, to ensure that the contents cannot move when you shake the box.
    • Fiber Cables – Do not bend the fiber so the bend radius is less than the minimum bend radius. If you do not know the minimum bend radius then contact B&W Tek, Inc.
    • Use adequate protection when covering sensitive fiber tips or optical components.
    • Use a double box method for shipping all fragile electronic/optical components and equipment.

    Warranty Void

    The warranty may be considered void if the items received by B&W TEK are not packaged in a manner that complies with the Packaging Instructions.

    Contact Information

    18 Shea Way, Suite 103
    Newark, DE 19713
    Tel: 302-368-7788
    Fax: 302-613-4560

    Upon Receipt at B&W Tek

    Once the item(s) have been received at B&W Tek, they will be inspected and you will be contacted and informed of the status within 10 working days.For detailed warranty policy information, please see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS document sent with your product. If you did not receive this document, please call 302-368-7788 to request a copy.