At B&W Tek, we specialize in light generation and delivery systems for medical and biophotonic applications. As an OED/OEM supplier of laser systems for the medical industry, we understand how critical it is to control the entire process, from needs assessment through production and fulfillment. Our vertically integrated capabilities include all the tools for design, build, documentation, validation, compliance, and transfer to production with the ultimate goal being supplying the customer quality products meeting the requirements for their medical system. Our world-class engineering and management team have demonstrated their ability to provide performance delivering products meeting the strict requirements of a medical system since 1997. We make sure to capture the customer’s design input, design to create an output that is ready for verification review, and then validate the design to strict standards meeting the needs of the medical device industry.


B&W Tek’s Medical Device Quality Management System is certified to the standard ISO 13485:2016. This includes; The design, manufacture and service of laser and other energy medicine based products. B&W Tek Inc. is committed to meeting customer needs by complying with regulatory requirements and continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. Of course, it does not stop there, as the design must be translated to product. Effective documentation is the key to communicating and transferring the design to production with good control and quality. We work to be flexible and adjust based on our customer’s requirements. Whether the goal is a turnkey system solution with full documentation meeting all required standards for design and is built and tested at the 3rd party site or work with the customer’s team providing support in specific areas only, we pride ourselves in our ability to mesh  with the customer in the way desired for the outcome required. The hardware, software, testing, and documentation can be specified ala carte based on the customer’s requirements.


Let us become part of your team. We have produced thousands of systems deployed around the world for the medical and veterinary communities. Let B&W Tek become your ultimate solution provider for lasers and biophotonic applications of light. Click here to request more information.